Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stop Fraudulent Wealth Transfer, Debt Collection & Foreclosures!

Fighting is Winning!

Tonight @ 7pm. Justice@Home webcast will be on a poppin'

Tonight and every Tues @ 7pm our internet webcast "Fighting is Winning."  We will explore and explode topics and tools that will help us fight this continued war against our homes and our wealth. Meet others who are fighting too.

We been fighting the largest transfer of wealth from our community to the elite since African captivity. This short video will give you a better idea of the wealth transfer that we're talking about.

1. Afiya and Wekesa are still fighting and still winning. It's been 7 years plus. Learn about  how for them - Fighting has been Winning. Their 3 prong strategy of fighting, healing and building is so critical when you're fighting Banksters with deep pockets. Instead of draining you, it can actually make you and your family stronger!

2. The US Supreme Court Ruling offers a ray of hope to challenge fraudulent foreclosure and fraudulent debt collection, IF YOU READ IT RIGHT.

TILA Rescission strategy given new life.

3. Learn how the Banksters and their surrogates have expanded to include the other types of FRAUDULENT DEBT COLLECTION even when the debt is past the statute of limitations!

4. Did you know that you can counter-sue the fraudulent collectors on their dime?  Learn what you can do to protect your family and our community as a pro-se litigant, and advocate or an educated money consumer.

5. Learn about the impact of recent court decisions and how you can use them to fight.

6. Learn about our Pro-se Litigant Academy. We're not lawyers, and don't want to be. We're educators and advocates. Join us.

J@H's Fighting Is Winning webcase on Tuesdays @ 7pm:
Call in 404.890.5053 or
Sign in: www.uberconference.com/wekesa

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