Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ginsburg's Big Blow Undermined...

Fighting is Winning!
Ginsburg shuts the door! Huff Post Article Here
The case is about whether monied defendants can "pick-off" a named plaintiff especially to make a case "moot" and avoid a class action suit by offering them a settlement. Ginsburg and the majority said to big business "No, you can't pick them off.
Dissenting judges open a new one.  Justice Roberts confirmed in the dissent: "The majority holds that an offer of complete relief is insufficient to moot a case. The majority does not say that payment of complete relief leads to the same result. . . ."
Justice Roberts dissent may open the door to allow big business preying on citizens - particularly the poor! 
Class actions suits are key for poor and middle class plaintiffs to get legal representation. If big business can pick off a plaintiff to stop a class action by throwing a buck at them, it's will mean that the abuse that will continue. 
Worth a read. We'll watch to see how this unfolds.

Black and poor people are disproportionately fleeced by big business.  Justice@Home: Fighting Foreclosure and Wealth Transfer will continue to fight this wealth transfer. Since the fraudulent mortgage scams have receded from the news (not the courts), other solicitors and so-called debt collectors are preying on our people often trying to collect on debt that is legally dead - past its statute of limitations.
While this case is not about debt collection it is about Banksters and Fraudulent Debt Collectors are often able to thwart class action suits for federal law violations. Without class action, it's hard for working and middle class plaintiffs to get legal representation.
Join us @Justice@Home as we revive our Tuesday night public education and advocacy sessions. We'll talk about this ruling as well as what you can do about the continue fraudulent transfer of wealth from your families and our community.
Call dial in or computer in: 7pm EST (404) 890-5053 or via webinar.Here

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